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why am I a ND?

Sometimes I feel more like a biologist, for humans. Protect the natural world, including ourselves. Make healthy choices, practice mindfullness and compassion, and enjoy life without destroying it.

Am I against science? On the contrary. I look for accurate science to help guide me, taking into consideration all aspects by which we study ourselves in health. Is there science in the natural health product world? Of course, however the limiting factor is that these studies are primarily done in laboratory studies (petrie dishes for example), or on lab rats, and some, but not many, exist in human clinical trials. This is why many scientists will say 'there is no science.'

This statement is not totally accurate. If there is one study to show it does not work, as any good medical scientist will say, you cannot rely on one study to base your decision. Therefore, the accurate statement is 'there is insufficient evidence,' or, the evidence is conflicting. Or, the studies are done is small populations, or a specific population. Appraising research is not just looking at the title and the conclusion, but takes time and effort to extract the information. It is not cherry picking, but looking at the nuance of the study. I am a ND for the person, not the industry. And therefore, if there is enough evidence to show something may not work, I will not suggest it. I also rely on clinical evidence, which is valuable.

I am also not limited to natural health products. Sometimes I do not even recommend any. I simply listen, gather all the information for a person to better see their health and what is going on in their lives. I like to get to the bottom of things. Build a foundation, and then take action with the best possible tools at hand from any paradigm or health service.

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