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Why choose naturopathy, plants, and all that?

This is as much a question for you as it for me! My journey to become, study, and continue to work in this field has shifted and transformed many times over the years, however, it is without a doubt my connection to nature is what propels me to continue to explore, observe, experience, to learn, and to teach others. Ultimately, for me anyhow, it is not so much a medical field, as it is a connection to nature and to the mystery and magic of life itself. Of course, I use these terms in the most high regard - for that which is spriritual, synchronistic, or pure coincidence - however the magic is not so much a deceitful act as it is the joy in seeking some kind of balance and connection with the unknown.

I have spent much of my time seeking to find the science of plant medicines - and to legitimize what ultimately does not need to be legitimized. Of course, it is great to have this knowledge and to understand from a mechanistic, reductionnist perspective what is going on. However, as it seems, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts! But each part, plays a role in the dance and creation. It is also, I feel, a due digilance to know what is the pharmacology of these constituents, and to understand how they interplay in our bodies -- as the science of medicine, anatomy, and physiology is part of my oath as a naturopathic doctor, to first do no harm.

Needless to say, the ecological, plant relationship with humankind has always intrigued me. Engaging in plant rituals, provings, and observations, help to find our individualized medicines. It is a self discovery - on different levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. For example, this blue tea revealed itself in a dream, and I soon discovered this incredible plant! And the journey continues!

I have also been experimenting with Artemisia absinthum, wormwood, which has received much attention in the natural health product world. However, I like to experiment with its actions in a brew, or tea, and to discover its effects to relieve physical fatigue and overwork, and a small side benefit of clearing my sinuses! This herb is quite toxic and so a very tiny amount for a short period is the best way to learn about it, if you are in good health.

The world of plants is all around, and its possible to discover whether intentionally or by chance. . . However, it is without saying that within the walls of societal confinement, my role as a naturopath (although I do not like that word! personally), continues to flourish and grow. I only wish that this connection to nature is similar for you too! To respect, exchange, and connect - and take just what you need, but not more. And to give back and plant some seeds, perhaps!


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