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While I am a strong advocate of science-based approaches, and the benefit of science in our society, I am still and will forever be, in cognitive dissonance with a practice that I inherently and intuitively feel is a spiritual and humane experience to this life, especially for the hypersensitive, and that is: homeopathy. What does homeopathy teach?

This could be an important question.

Homeopathy teaches what we take for granted, that is, the most simplest "cure" (in quotations because cure is not meant for disease, but for the individual person), the most simplest remedy. It could be, opening a window. It could be, closing the blinds. It could be, running around with our clothes off! Each person has his or her individual way of sensing, that we do not think is relevant to our health, but can make a small difference to ease suffering and provide a sense of confidence. With these senses emerging, we can tune in to our vitality, possibly. Additionally, there are methods to this madness. To this way of sensing the world - and I don't know all the answers however I have strong convictions about our inherent nature, as expressed by our genes. We must simply, with the highest art, observe, collect, and listen. In homeopathy, we see that there are obstacles to cure, obstacles that prevent us from feeling and objectively being better, and can impede our nature with respect to the environment. We also know the dynamic symptoms, those symptoms that wax and wane, are signs of our vitality - how we can cope once pathology sets in. It is not one way, but multiple ways. It is not ego, but compassion, compatibility - free of conflict and tension, or, a tension that does not last but leads to release. Compatibility - defined as a state in which two things are able to exist.

These age-old concepts need re-evaluation. Do we want to rush in and fix? Or do we want to be gentle and understanding? Observant and active? We observe in homeopathy that things tend to get worse before they get better. We also observe that there is a primary and secondary reaction to a stimulus, intervention, or medicine. Is this true? Are there philosophical truths to healing that we have been ignoring, for the sheer desire of "outcome"? Is there a common ground, a compatibility so to speak? What homeopathy teaches is that substances in nature can affect our sensibility, our resiliency, to the environment in an immaterial way. That we are part of nature, and not separate from it. And that we can receive something really small, and that it does make a difference. Personally.

I would like to revisit Freudian concepts of the Id, the unconscious. And how, immaterial substances in nature, can possibly shift this unknowing and seemingly inescapable truth of our individual lives.

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