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Some people consider bad habits a mental health concern. They are not quite the same thing!

While many natural things can support a mental health issue, they rarely can be the only solution.

Where naturopathy can be best utilized, is for things like kicking bad habits.

Are all bad habits necessary to kick? Not always! That is for you to judge. I can help you decide; and I can give you tools to make some important changes, that have some kind of theory, philosophy, and science to back it up.

First, what is the habit?

Some ideas to be discussed are things like:

-emotional behaviors

-sense of enjoyment/fulfillment

-nutrients that play a role in the nervous system

-safe and non-habit forming alternatives

-concepts related to our nervous system, our personality, our sensitivity and how we function at our best/worst


-lifestyle choices that encourage health promoting behaviors, keeping in mind that no one is perfect and it is not always necessary to do these things all the time

I like to support people using evidence based approaches. And if someone is a little outside the box or does not seem to respond to this, then I would provide what I have learned from my years in clinical practice using other non traditional things like herbal medicine and homeopathy.

If you are concerned that maybe it is in fact a mental health concern, we could talk about - but I cannot diagnose, and ideally would be a part of your support network.

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