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re-connect in 5 easy steps

Before reaching for herbs or other products to help ease anxiety, it may be worthwhile to investigate some behavioral approaches to reduce anxiety and stress. Here are 5 easy steps to reduce anxiety.

Step 1: Buy a watch. Time is the only constant variable.

Step 2: Memorize 3-4 important phone numbers in your cell phone. Memorizing is a great way to enhance cognition.

Step 3: In the morning, take 5-10 min to visualize and plan out your day. Research any anticipated events that may require you to look something up on the internet. Create a positive image of your day. Visualization has been known to improve outcomes of negative events.

Step 4: Leave your cell phone at home. Cell phone use is becoming an increasing problem with anxiety disorders.

Step 5: When in need, reach out and ask someone for help or call one of the numbers you memorized. Connecting to a person and practicing healthy social behavior improves mood.

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