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science and sunflowers

The more I think about truth in the abstract sense, the more I think the truth will never be known. However, when I think about truth, it feels intuitive to me to think about the source.

The source, being of course the planet and its elements. There are so many studies now saying this is good for you, this is bad for you, it is almost too much! Instead of getting confused, cerebral, and somewhat crazy with the science of nutrition and food, I like to search for ways to come back to that which is forgotten: being self-sustainable with food, and knowing where it is coming from. My back yard!

Although I live in a city and it will be a while before I am set up enough to live off my balcony, I take pleasure to discover what contribution I can do. One of these, which I planting this seed early (no pun intended!) is the sunflower seed.

You can harvest the seeds directly from the center. Place the seeds in a ziploc bag, roll over with a wine bottle (yes! enjoy a lovely glass of wine the night before) to break the seed from the hull, place in bowl of water to separate out the seed from the hull.

You can eat raw, or, roast on very low heat (150-200F) until desired texture. In either case, keep the seeds in an air tight container and keep in fridge to preserve the good fats. The low roasting temperature preserves as best as possible the beneficial vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Why not take the positive from food science and nutrition and incorporate into our daily lives??? Isn't that why we do science?

So go ahead and try plant a sunflower for youself to brighten your day and nourish your body!

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