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My goal with you as a naturopath is to provide a safe, therapeutic space to begin the process of healing, change, acceptance, and goals for a healthier life. I accept you where you are, and we take one step at a time together to achieve wellness. We learn together what are your rhythms, the dynamics of your health, and discuss the best available options and tools for the speediest recovery, taking into consideration important aspects of your health, and how to prevent further challenges. Understanding the depths of nature versus nurture, what is inborn and what is the environment, we begin to understand ourselves, our health, and how we can have agency over our own body: a healthy feeling of control.

I focus on building health rather than simply removing symptoms. I work with individuals to learn how best to cope with their illness or health concerns, and what are some gentle and non-toxic remedies to help in healing and in taking care of oneself. The approach is not to remove illness, but to understand on an individual level, what are symptoms that can indicate a deterioration versus a healthful balance. Factors such as age, gender, family dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and spiritual or life callings are all considered in a holistic fashion.

I use the most simplest remedies whenever possible, such as homeopathy, or a few plants, or dietary changes, or simply nothing but the art of listening. I help focus on goals that will encourage healthy physiology. I also practice motivational interviewing. I consider my approach feminine in its approach, in the sense that outcomes are not the only goal, and that education, learning, acceptance, transition, and healing are part of health in addition to amelioration of symptoms. 

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