Does naturopathy work? There is no straight yes or no answer to this question. Naturopathy has worked for many people but not all. Naturopathy is not necessarily medicine, in the way that we are taught to think and conceptualize medicine, however some may argue this point. The aim of naturopathy is to adjust as best as possible, given your particular life circumstances, using the best of non-pharmacological approaches to healing. Given that your body has a natural state, or a natural illness, a naturopath will work with you to best use the tools available. Some people need very little tools, while others needs more tools. There is no 'ideal' in naturopathy, as lovely as that would seem. There is largely a holistic approach, meaning that an individual part tends to recover keeping in mind the entire organism. Therefore, understanding these principles, individuals can reduce risk of further complications down the road. I often hear the common saying 'I am never well since...' We explore together where your body led astray. We identify what are the likeliest contributors, remove what is an obstacle, and then find a balanced approach.  

My approach is unique in that I focus on building health rather than simply removing symptoms. I work with individuals to learn how best to cope with their illness or health concerns, and what are some gentle and non-toxic remedies to help in healing and in taking care of oneself. The approach is not to remove illness, but to understand on an individual level, what are symptoms that can indicate a deterioration versus a healthful balance. Factors such as age, gender, family dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and spiritual or life callings are all considered, and discussed to better understand what we can and cannot control.

I use the most simplest remedies whenever possible, such as homeopathy, or a few plants, or dietary changes, or simply nothing but the art of listening. I also practice motivational interviewing. I consider my approach feminine in its approach, in the sense that outcomes are not the only goal, and that education, learning, acceptance, transition, and healing are part of health in addition to amerlioration of symptoms. 

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