August 27, 2019

I am currently reading The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner, a pioneer in incorporating Shamanism and Aboriginal medicine to Western thought.

Naturopathic Doctors are not trained in Shamanism, however, I have always been curious about this long-used form of medicine and without searching too much for explanations, to gently grasp some of the concepts as described by Shaman's, their apprentices, and indigenous medicine.

What I am finding most intriguing are the parallels between it and other vitalistic concepts of health and healing as described in Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (Qi and meridians). The basis that when the body's vital energy is strong, there is less chance of invasions, of progression or worsening of existing illness, and lifting of depression and anxiety.

I am discovering similarities between the philosophy of homeopathy and how the body expresses or does not, its energy - with some of the concepts in Aboriginal medicine.

In Shamanism, Michael Har...

August 26, 2019

What does it mean to be "sensitive"? More and more, people are describing themselves as sensitive or hypersensitive. In health, this statement can mean different things. There is emotional sensitivity, whereby psychologically we are easily triggered and reactive, either emotionally or through behavior. There is physical sensitivity, whereby we are sensitive to cold, heat, wind, rain, etc. And then there is chemical sensitivity, whereby many adverse events occur from coffee, nicotine, alcohol, medications, etc.

Naturopathic medicine aims to consider all of these sensitivities as one package. Are we emotionally sensitive because of a chemical sensitivity, or vice versa? Is it all in our head or all in our body??

There are 5 organs of detoxification: the lungs, kidneys, gastro-intestinal tract, liver, and skin. These organs function together in order to balance our level of toxic burden. Depending on our lifestyle choices, certain organs may be working harder than others.
The avoidance of c...

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