December 17, 2016

How many have heard of the tale of the ugly duckling? How many have actually read the tale? 

It has many metaphors, as does most stories. I encourage you to read it.

To live with mortification. To understand rejection. And finally, once the ice is broken.

December 13, 2016

Cohérence cardiaque, cardiac coherence. Is a growing science of the relationship between heart and mind (or heart and brain!) It is different from the relaxation response, in that relaxation favors the activity of the parasympathetic branch of the central nervous system only. This lowers the heart and also, heart rate variability.

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a new predictor for a growing number of stress-related conditions, like for example, cardiovascular disease. It was once thought that the heart beats a steady beat like a drum. However, we now know that it is not the case. The variability between heart beats changes frequently during the day, in response to external stress, physiological function, and also emotions. The greater degree of HRV, the better your system is a adapting and responding to stress.

The important of cardiac coherence lies with this analogy: imagine you try to drive your car with one foot on the gas and the other on the break. This is the same with your centr...

December 8, 2016

My father told me this story.

Twenty years ago, when my father was building his driveway, his friend from work who lived close by walked over and said to him:

"you will have to fix your retaining wall because it is going to move."

My father did not agree. Five years later, he told the man that the wall has not moved. Ten years later, he told the man that the wall has not moved. Two years ago, the wall finally moved. On that same day, he heard the news that the man had passed away.

Synchronicity. Or omen? What does this word mean? There are good and bad interpretations of  "omens" (auspicious or inauspicious). I wanted to understand a little more what this word means, and how or why it is used.

It is derived from the latin word Omentum - which means apron. In anatomy, it is the covering of the intestines, the greater and lesser omentum. In ancient times, the omentum of animals was investigated and used to make predictions.

It could also be derived from "audire", which means to hear.

We can dra...

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