Melanie Kusznireckyj (Kush-ni-ret-ski)

Melanie Kusznireckyj is a naturopathic doctor from Montreal Quebec. She was inspired to study naturopathic medicine after completing her undergraduate degree in botany, and after training and performing (including choreography) as a contemporary modern dancer. She weaves together nature, art, and well-being in her quest as a ND and in life. She is passionate about interconnections between nature and humans, the expression of our life force, and in living an authentic and meaningful life. She is also the chief operating officer of Vitazan Professional, where she assumes the role of directing and leading a natural product company with a team of highly trained, and qualified researchers and clinicians. 

Melanie K montreal naturopathe doula quebec
Melanie is known in the community for her compassion and education. She is skilled for her insights into addressing the root cause(s) and for helping people make clarifying decisions. In her practice she welcomes hypersensitive individuals. She is skilled in gastroenterelogy, women's health concerns, chronic fatigue, and generally as primary care adjunctive support.



Doula services help the couple prepare for childbirth, to feel confidant during this important transition, to provide emotional support, and to help manage pain. At this time, I am only accepting certain clients in special need and circumstances.